RV/Trailer Rentals

Want to explore the great outdoors but don't want to spend the money on a camper?
Want to try out a solar and lithium power system?
Echo One Adventures has the solution, take one of ours!
Ibex 19MBH                              Ibex 20BHS
Why have a trailer payment if you can't go every weekend? No need to find and pay for storage. Save money and take one of our brand new 2022 Ibex travel trailers. Both of our trailers are outfitted with custom solar and lithium power systems so you can ensure one of our power systems will suit your needs. The trailers will come equipped with everything needed to have a fun and memorable adventure. 
To book your reservation for 2022 Ibex 20BHS click HERE
To book your reservation for 2022 Ibex 19MBH click HERE